At Morgan & Morgan we are committed to promote gender equity and to offer opportunities for career advancement to men and women. Our recruitment, retention and promotion plan ensures the respect of human rights and the non-discrimination for both.

Professional staff:

  • Men
  • Women


  • Men
  • Women

The Legal Unit, the largest in terms of number of lawyers, currently has 21 female lawyers out of a total of 38 associates. These women lawyers are on the same career track as their men counterparts following the same promotion ladder and procedures.


Our commitment to retaining talent is more than visible as we are always looking for new initiatives and procedures that distinguish us from the competition. Recent initiatives include:

A discussion panel for female lawyers and executives where female senior Partners share their challenges as women in the workplace and the opportunities the firm gave them throughout their careers.

A lactation room that provides a dignified and safe space for those women who are breastfeeding. We are one of the few companies in Panama that has an adequate space where women can exercise this right.

A mentoring program where one of the new approaches aims at providing a formal space for our female attorneys to exchange ideas and information with female partners of this organization.


Our commitment to offer growth opportunities inside the firm and other companies within the Morgan & Morgan Group is tangible when looking at the percentage of women in supervisory positions. Today most of our managers and supervisors are women, confirming our interest in equal opportunities.


  • Men
  • Women