For decades, Morgan & Morgan has been part of the mining industry development in Panama.  We have represented multinational companies obtaining mining concessions, including successful negotiations of concession agreements to provide for a special regime to regulate development, including special a tax regime. 

We assist our clients in acquisitions related to mining concessionaires, including Panamanian legal aspects regarding tender offers for foreign public traded parent companies of the local concessionaire; asset transfers; including mining concessions transfers project financings for mining developments; streaming agreements; investment agreements; land and environmental matters; negotiations with contractors; licensing and permits; representation before regulating entities and legislative matters; dispute resolution and administrative, labor, civil and constitutional litigation related to different aspects of these projects.

We have been involved in the development of the Cobre Panama Project, the largest mining project in Panama and the largest private investment project in the country, for more than 20 years.

Given the experience and breadth of our team, we are uniquely positioned among Panamanian law firms to handle all aspects of these challenging projects.