Pro Bono | Promoting access to justice

In 2011, Morgan & Morgan signed the Pro Bono Declaration of the Americas, thus becoming the first Panamanian company involved with this initiative. This Declaration is driven by The Cyrus Vance Center for International Justice, based in New York City, United States, where the major law firms in the continent commit to work a plural number of pro bono hours per year. 

Some of our most significant efforts include:

Legal Orientation Open Houses alongside with Fundalcom

Attorneys at Morgan & Morgan, along with its non-profit organization Fundalcom, have participated in several “Legal Orientation Open Houses” with the sole purpose of providing free legal orientation in different fields. These activities have taken place in poor and marginalized communities of the province of Panama and Colon. During these Open Houses, participants also attend different lectures, facilitated by volunteers of Morgan & Morgan and Fundalcom, to learn more about domestic violence and its implications. Thanks to this initiative, low income individuals receive a first-class legal orientation on subjects such as divorce, abuse, custody, alimony, affiliations, among other subjects.

Panama’s Volunteer Law

Morgan & Morgan was responsible for drafting a bill to organize national volunteering in the Republic of Panama. In 2012 Morgan & Morgan received recognition from the “International Association for Volunteer Effort” (IAVE), for their support in developing the Voluntary Bill in Panama. IAVE’s chapter in Panama will boost, in 2013, the adoption of the Law on Volunteering by the National Assembly.

El Caño Foundation

Following the agreement signed in 2012, Morgan & Morgan provides El Caño Foundation legal advice in different issues in order to support their education and research work on El Caño Archaeological Park in the province of Cocle. The efforts of the legal team in charge of this pro bono work has been involved reviewing and obtaining affiliation with the City of Knowledge and a bipartite agreement with INAC for excavation and development of Sitio Conte (the pre-Columbian archaeological site known country), permits obtaining tax exemptions, trademarks, and general advice on issues such as heritage and intellectual property.

Fundación Jesús Luz de Oportunidades

Through its pro bono program, Morgan & Morgan offers legal advice to Fundación Jesús Luz de Oportunidades, a non-profit organization aimed at reducing and preventing violence, working directly in areas known as “red zones” inserting former gang members into society in order to build peace channels. The firm has provided legal support in projects such as the implementation of CARSI “A New Model for Juvenile Justice”, which is developed in partnership with the United States of America and the Panamanian Ministry of Government and Justice.

Tagua Institute

One of our associates is a professor of Labor Law at Tagua Institute. This organization, through its foundation, offers young women who do not have financial resources to access higher education, technical courses in gastronomy and hospitality.

Telefonica Foundation

Since March 2012, Morgan & Morgan and Fundación Telefónica have been working together in the pursuit of free legal fairs for parents of children and youth beneficiaries of ProNiño, Telefonica´s CSR program. ProNiño is an initiative developed to help eradicate child labor in Latin America, and within this program, Telefónica has included training in domestic violence and free legal advice, in order to provide an integral program.

Operation Smile Panama

Operation Smile Panama is an organization dedicated to help, free of charge, children, youth, and adults with facial deformities, primarily cleft lip and/or palate, aim to help them reintegrate into society. Since December 2012, Morgan & Morgan have been providing pro bono legal assistance, as well as lawyers and volunteers of the firm have donated their time participating in various activities organized by this organization.

Bill to fight Bulling

Lawyers from Morgan & Morgan are assisting in the draft of a bill to fight bulling, a social phenomenon that is affecting a large number of children and young adults in the schools of Panama. In October 2013, Plan Internacional, an NGO, joined this initiative by signing a cooperation agreement for the purpose of joining forces and promoting social responsibility practices through actions that encourage fulfillment of the commitments undertaken under the United Nations Global Pact.


Support Association for the “Hogar de la Medalla Milagrosa” in David

Since 2013, the team of lawyers from Morgan & Morgan’s office in David, Chiriquí, is supporting this Association in all legal aspects such as the establishment of its legal status as a non-profit Association, and carrying out different formalities with the Ministry of Social Development (MIDES) and the National Revenue Authority (ANIP), among others. The main objective of this partnership is to generate sources of support for the “Hogar de la Medalla Milagrosa” in David whose new construction is being done on 5 acres generously donated. This establishment houses girls living in extreme poverty and is run by the “Hijas de la Caridad de San Vicente de Paul”.


University Association of People with Disabilities (AUPDIS)

Since early 2014, lawyers from the office of Morgan & Morgan in David, Chiriquí, provide advice on various legal issues to this non-profit association made up of students from the Autonomous University of Chiriqui with visual, hearing and motor disabilities, among others. So far, the work of these lawyers has included procedures and formalities required for obtaining the status of legal person of the Association. AUPDIS is an association that fights for a top quality education and effective social integration for people with disabilities.


Association “Juventud con Propósito” (JUVPROPAN)

 Lawyers from Morgan & Morgan provide advice to this Association in different aspects and legal procedures. Recently, thanks to the pro bono collaboration of the firm, the status of legal person was obtained for the Association. JUVPROPAN is an organization with over 500 members nationwide that promotes the development, professional growth, and importance of youth in society and their role as agents of change for a better quality of life.

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